The Art of Weaving

For kurelu, weaving is an Art. A primordial, yet timeless art that survives from the Neolithic period, an art that combines aesthetics with usability. It is the art of our grandmothers who wove traditional masterpieces to their handmade wooden looms.

Has, however, this ancient art a place in modern times? Our unequivocal  answer is: “Yes!”  kurelu brings weaving into the present: it develops old techniques, modifies the traditional looms and creates modern rags and woven items matching the aesthetic and functional needs of a modern house. Each project is tailored to meet your personality, your favorite colors and patterns, and the ideal dimensions of your space.

We don’t make anything to stay in the “rack”. Under your guidance, we combine colors and textures, we customize the dimensions and we prepare your very own woven artwork! A textile that will adorn your space and will serve its functional needs!