Kurelu is an interactive project, a creative “bet” that woven carpets can claim a place in the modern home and woven accessories to become again a part of our everyday life.

The person behind kurelu is Angeliki Genitsaridou! She  grew up literally amongst the looms of the women of her family and she cherished their rhythmic song. She studied decorative arts  at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, worked as a decorator for several years and then decided to return to her roots …! She pulled the old family looms  out from the warehouse, assembled them and “patented”  them in order to implement her new ideas. Her childhood experiences, her modern way of “ look and feel” and the colorful cotton rags imported from abroad, are all woven in her looms.

Visit Angeliki’s modern weaving workshop at Monofatsiou Tower (Crete) or contact her online!