5 years Kurelu Project… and the journey still continues!

Kurelu Project was born out of the looms of Angeliki Genitsaridou on 2013, at the village of Pyrgos in the island of Crete. Five years later, this amazing journey of weaving still continues!

Kurelu Project is all about interweaving old memories and traditional techniques with modern materials and up to date methods, giving away tailor made creations of high quality and beauty.

Kurelu revives the traditional flat weave rug and reintroduces it to the present, featuring a contemporary design, original patterns and persistence to perfection. Each Kurelu rug is unique like our clients, who co-created them by choosing the colors and patterns and then gave them a place in their homes, all around Greece and abroad.

But Kurelu’s creative journey doesn’t end here. Kurelu’s loom weaves ceaselessly new ideas, new concepts, taking into consideration all contemporary trends and needs. Stay tuned to see our new original series of “Kurelu Souvenirs” as well as more modern weaving projects coming up soon!

Α new era for the traditional flat weave rug: contemporary design and custom-made creations, by Angeliki Genitsaridou
Crete is our starting point, but our destination is any stylish, warm and cozy home, with an appreciation for handmade items
Each of our creations has a unique personality: Kurelu is the antidote to the uniformity and monotony of mass production
Weaving without limits! Our loom creations can decorate your house, embrace your body or serve as fanciful accessories.
We pull the strings of imagination, creativity and color!
Kurelu project continues and evolves! New experiments on the loom, new ideas, fresh creations.

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